Meet my two traditional Siamese cats!
Pitts the dark seal point and Poppy the lighter
Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
I hope you enjoy this page and will leave me some
nice comments, and hopefully meet some more
people with these extraordinary "cats"!!

PS: A lot of the photos are clickable!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Explosion Kitty on a diet

I'm sure none of you missed it; Christmas happened. Again. I have never been a fan of Christmas . It's supposed to be fun, with good food and spending time with your family. In reality there is a constant tension, you have to cook your own food (like you always do) and it doesn't taste any better than normal either, and it's just a total bore. A more troublesome aspect of the whole thing: I don't get to spend any time with the girls. I miss them terribly after two days. Plus I had a tough decision to make; either I take the girls with me and they get to spend the two days in an awfully cold, strange house without any attention (my parents have two non-cat friendly dogs), or I leave them at home, where they feel comfortable and without any attention. I chose the second option. It's usually no problem whatsoever to leave them at home for two days (kitties are awesome like that) but since Poppy is on a diet, they are being restricted on their kitty food. Poppy is having a really really REALLY hard time, and I thought she would have, because even as a kitten eating only two portions a day wasn't really her thing. She lost so much weight that eventually we stopped giving them their food twice a day and returned to leaving the food bowl filled during the day. So I knew this diet would work. She did lose some pounds and she seems more healthy and bendy now, capable of cleaning herself properly again. But the following problem arose; because I wasn't there to feed them twice a day, I had to give them a whole bowl of food in advance. Poppy gets 10 gram in the morning and 10 in the evening. Pitts gets 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening. So that's a 20+30= 50 grams of food a day (25 morning and 25 evening) (awww they're so tiny! They don't even always finish all of their food!! ) I gave them a whopping 150 grams (to be sure) and it was supposed to last for 4 feedings. FOUR! However, I returned on Monday night before the fourth time. When I came home....they had eaten it ALL!!! So instead of 75 grams...they ate 150!!! I wondered if Poppy (I'm sure she was that little food binger ) wouldn't burst...but as of today she hasn't...Moreover, when I got home, she acted as if she starving!! I grabbed their treats to show my sisters all the awesome tricks they have learned, and Poppy went frantic. Circling, twirling, crying and standing on two legs! I reckon the time that Poppy will take off like a balloon will still come! And now mummy has to do some electronic food dispender shopping :r

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Footie heater part 1

Mummy has this AMAZING new thing! It’s looks like a giant sock and it’s comfy and warm! Me think Mummy uses it to put her paws in it, like boiling eggs…not that mummy’s paws are like boiled eggs…anyway…

Mummy! What izzit??

me is having issues!! Big Time!

This is kind of fail, really...

OMG headless kitty...JUST KIDDING! You din't know it was me, rite??!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

kitty of the day!

A beautiful kitty and a beautiful photo! Some kitties are just born for a life in front of the camera :) I love the less extreme Persians!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flash that sexy belly!


Please don't see me as an ungrateful kitty because I is not! I is reelly a vewy sweet-natured little white polar bear kitty (because I is all cute and fluffy and white as a polar bear, but not as vicious) and I reely enjoys the littel things in life! I reely reely love my kitty food and mommy is the bestest! I love her lots and she is my ultimate number 1! *food being a mega number 2* slapping my sister with a paw on her head and sleeping would be a number 3, me thinks! :o

My sister tolds me that lots of kitties don't like showing their pritty bellies because it makes them feel vulnerable; but I do! I show it whenever I can *but it's sometimes hard with that squishy chubby belly of mine* Mommy is always laughing at me when I is turning into all kinds of strange positions to get her attention *and it works!* getting my chubby belly scratched is awesome! Then I'm the loudest purrrring kitty alive!

I think this picture makes me look fat! Do not like :c but mommy says I look very cute in it true??? :$ I do think my pawsies look cute! mommy says I don't want to get any chubbier, otherwise I won't fit on her lap anymore :c So now I'm on a new diet, because not being able to cuddle with mommy. me and my sister now each get our own plate with kitty scrunchies. Also because my sister is getting thinner and thinner, so mommy thinks I'm stealing her food. But I cant help it; my tummy is always rumbling!

 More photos of me!

A close-up of the weird faces I is doing

I do a lot of napping on mommy's lap as well :D

Mèèèhh, just waking up

some happy tootsies! <3

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kitty of the day!


Mommy is deeply saddened by all the kitties that cross the bridge. Even today she found a blog of two Siamese brothers, only just over two years old. The vewy first post she reads is one telling how everyone's doing after brother Castor crossed the bridge two weeks ago. And even though the last post was in january 2009, to mommy it has not lost its power :(

So today calls for a happy Kitty Of The Day, to remember all the loving moments we had with the angel-kitties and to cherish all the moments we have with the earth-kitties.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

We just dusn't like that - we luv mummy

Last night me weally was in a shock! I have calmed down by now, though. *shivers* Yesterday started so nice and mom was home all the time (we like that). Can't really remember all the things me and my sister did. I was probably being cute 'n lovable. Surching for some warm places to sleep, filling my tummy wif lovable thingies and intimidate birdies outside to make sure they don't do stupid things to my mummy. Then late at nite, mummy went to go under the water closet for a long, because she did needed to care for the fur on her head. After she was done, she looked a littel wobbly. I came to see what she was doing and I tried to tell her to take a look in the long-tailed fuzzies' cage, when I started to feel wobbly meself! Mummy went to the fuzzies' cage and said something, took the fuzzies out and placed them on mummy's sleeping basket. Then she fell on her sleeping basket, breathing heavily. By that time I was getting wobblier by the minute and I started to call out to mummy. "Wauw, Wauw.....Waaaauuwww!!!" I said. And mommy replied," Pittsie!!!!" She tried to look for me unner the sleeping basket, but I din't wanted to be found, I wanted mummy to sleep and get bettuh!

Then mummy felt asleep and the fuzzies started to wiggle around. Good for them that they wurun't that sick! I looked after the fuzzies all night, to make sure they wouldn't loose their fuzzies' tail (it might break, cus it is so hairless). Mummy got woken up evry now and then and I'm sure she was vewy scared for me being sick and all. Fortunately I got better and better and better, but i din't like it one bit that mummy was still being so sick. Evry now and then she would make a horrible sound and loose something that she had in her tummy; and it fell into a plastic thingyme. Mummy kept doing that for 727281919 times and me got scared! I din't know why she was loosing her inside stuff, as she din't eat any grass! She must be really sick! I wanted to cuddle wif her, but I was too scared My lazy sister was sleeping downstairs all the time, and left me wif all the wurrying.

Not until vewy late the next day, did she get any better... By that times my sister was awake and cuddling wif mum and I was not sick anymore! It took me a littel longer to start cuddling again wif mummy. I was shocked when I saw her flushing her inside stuff through her litterbox! But then evrything was OK and I cuddled wif mum for like 7271817 hours! (that's really a lot!)

Mummy's mummy said I got sick because my mummy got sick and I luv her lots

Kitty of the day!

Cats are flexible, we all know that, but cats sometimes do the silliest things with this skill. And it's common knowledge that they are masters in crawling and stuffing themselves into things, but fail miserably at getting out again. Some cats are smarter and choose objects where they can fulfill their stuffing urges in multiple positions without getting stuck! Show this to you kitties and hopefully they'll learn 

Monday, October 31, 2011

Freezing kitties - reasons why us like home

The leaves is falling, and the temperatures is dropping; being a kitty is tough!  I can feels the icyfication of my ears and kitty paws and I is not liking eet! My lushious furry self and my sister is not very helping, so what can a kitty do to survive the winter? We usually find mum very warming, but she moves too much, so we cannot sleep very good when she does this. Fortuantelli I've find a solution to this winter problem! Along the walls of our house is these very strange white rectangular 'things' that give us kitties warmth. It is designed especially for kitties to put our heads and paws in it, because it's hollow on the inside. I know this sounds strange! So aftuh reading this you have to check whether your mom or dad owns a thing like this. It only works during winter times, so you has to take advantage of it while you's can!
You see! I is a real acrobat! Balancing on some printing paper so my footies doesn't get too hot. Mom also says that you musn't pay attention to the photos because her programme died, or something like that. So no pretty pinky photos!

I is a tough kitty! I doesn't mind sticking my fluffy kitty head into hot hollow things. I cab think better when my
head is boiling.

See, this is one reason why us like our home, so we can be comfortable evry day!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comfort Kitties - Miss Peach tribute

Yesterday evening mom was for some reason very very unhappy. She was spending her evening like allways; sitting in front of her big black foldable thingyme with a screen, when suddenly she started to shed water from her face. I naturally felt that I had to give her cuddles and she gave them to me as well. She kept saying how much she loves me and all these kind flattering things we kitties really love, while burrying her wet face into my soft comforting kitty fur. Then I found out why mommy was so sad and it made us very sad as well T___T 
The reason is this kitty blog miss peachs meowz. It's about an orange and eldery Devon rex lady. You follow her in her battle against her illness and finally you witness her succumbing to that disease. Mom lost all of her water seeing how at the end she was nothing more than a sack of kitty bones and also reading how Miss Peach's mommy curled up in the kitty blanket still being able to hear her little kitty princess purrr. T___T And then she told me that she won't survive if we would get our wings to fly to kitty heaven and I told mommy that we were still very young and that we will stay with mom until forever and forever

So this post is a tribute to Miss Peach, although her mom will probably never read it; but it feels like a duty or obligation to support all kitties around the globe and their moms and dads!  

Friday, October 14, 2011

I am the cutest!

 Hello silly humans!! Eventhough mom wasn't blogging so much, that does not mean she does not love mcy sistah 'n me. She still made those films where it shows my cuteness (my sister's as well of cours) she tried to ecsplain to me how to put these videos (where I'm showing my cuteness) onto this blog. If I fail, don't blame me, I'm just a kitty!!


 The first video is mainly about meee! But you can also see my sister being mischievous and fluffly something Bella.
the second video is ONLY about meeee
And the third video is about my sister playing with het toys

Shame shame shame

Shame on me for not blogging for ages, but actually I have a really good excuse, haha. This year I have started a new study at a Dutch university and it turns out to be very demanding. Don't get me wrong; I love my new study, English Language and Culure.

So about my two loveable beings; they're fortunately doing great! At this very moment they're being cute and cuddly in a kitty basket next to me. All rolled up like two cute cinnamon rolls, as the days get darker and colder again. They're like my shadow, following wherever I go. Poppy, of course, always crying for attention and Pitts is also in her loveable mood. Normally when i wake up in the morning, doing stuff in the bathroom, it has always been Poppy accompany me. These days it's Pitts; doing her cute Pittsy rollson the toilet seat while purring loudly.

A proof of Pitts' love for her mommy. Infinitely occupying my lap, leaving cute little foot prints onn my leg...yes this is my leg...don't judge it :P Imagine those dark and so soft cushion footies on your bare leg <3 I can never get enough of kitty footies!!

And new photos from Poppy as well. She still loves spending time on my bed, but only if I'm there! At first she was like, "meh camera," and then she must've thought to herself, "meh, me be going to sleep now." Who can blame her? I suppose all kitties love to do kitty nap time on our pillows!

Look at her curled up like a little ball of fluff! Do you love kittie fluffs as well?? There's nothing like it and kittie owners know! So don't be talking shit about dog fluff balls. Dogs are not that fluffy, soft and flexible. And the dogs that are fluffy are frikkin
ugly, with dirty, bulging eyes and bad breath!
Superior kitties never have a bad breath!

Nah we don't, for we are superior and fluffy! 

Sorry, Poppy interfering! Cant blame her really for protecting kitty superiority!!

Poppy being weird...

Poppy meditating on top of bunny cage...weird

:D Look at my silly kitties. they be silly!!! and yes I have Birkenstocks and no they're not comfortable....

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