Meet my two traditional Siamese cats!
Pitts the dark seal point and Poppy the lighter
Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
I hope you enjoy this page and will leave me some
nice comments, and hopefully meet some more
people with these extraordinary "cats"!!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A new resident!

(Pitts says:)

Mum brought the strangest thing into our home! Last wednesday I layed my eyes on some kind of a strange hopping creature. Very furry, long ears. And it doesn't MEOW. As I recall correctly his name was Benjamin (Bunny).
The first day he was in his cage to get used to his environment. The PERFECT opportunity for me and my sister to stick our noses
in the cage. It's an outdoor cage so it's a little bit more difficult to spot the little fuzzy. We want to know EVERYTHING (since it's our house, says my sister). We spent HOURS in front, on top and underneath the cage to check out if this fuzzy is indeed a DANGEROUS FUZZY! We can't seem to rely on mom for that, because she'll take home anything!
On the second day, we founf the fuzzy all of a sudden on our sofa! I came to the conclusion that is was a Mission Imposs
bile fuzzy and used it SPYING SKILLS to escape from its cage 0_0.
Even worse: it stole our kitty basket! Look at it -->
It hopped around the cage and the basket as if it was his! From that moment on I came to the conclusion that I don't like strange fuzzies. Of course I didn't tell mom because I didn't want to offend her and she seems to like the fuzzy. I'm a good kitty and I don't do bad things ^_^.
My sister, however, is soo brave. Sometimes I want to be just like her! At first she circled round the fuzzy like a shark. I did the same thing, touching it with my soft kitty paw, sniffing at it. It smells like strange fuzzies and dried grass. After a while my sister was feeling quite comfortable being with the fuzzy together on the sofa. Even when it was hopping around, sniffing my sister. It never seemed to be scared of us kitties. Even though we're far more powerful, and way smarter!

Soon my sister and the fuzzy were in the same kitty basket 0_0 I couldn't believe my kitty eyes! I was pretty jealous, though. I moved from spot to spot all around the house to find a nice comfortable place to get my beauty sleep, but I wanted to cuddle with mum and Poppy in the kitty basket T__T Why were they being so mean, to a scared little kitty like me?
Then I took the plunge and tried to lay at the far end of the basket. And everytime the fuzzy moved (and it does a lot of moving) I leaped into the air and fled. Then I thought to myself: why am I being so jumpy about the fuzzy. Obviously it doesn't mean to do any harm, as it is laying next to my sister. And its so small and vulnerable! I should give it a go! And I did! And I'm proud of myself and I'm sure mum is as well! ^_^

Brad Pitt in his underwear

(Mum says:)

I had the weirdest dream this morning! I just felt the urge to share it with you!
I went to a performance and the special guest of that evening was Brad Pitt singing "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" with different lyrics though. Strange things was...he was in his underwear with only a blouse and high white socks hahaha xD.
At the end I came across my friend Merisanna. She was there with her younger sister and a carriage pulled by two minitiare painthorses xD. One of the horses had a newspaper stuck to its front legs, don't know why. But I can remember me removing it and putting it in the little carriage. Then the three of us walked home together. The end!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How kitties get into trouble...

Hello there guys!
Mom has been very busy so I took my chance to finally write some really exciting! Once every now and then I get into trouble! But usually I'm a very sweet kitty, I'm sure you all know that.
I'll tell you what happened that dreadful day!
It all started this Monday when I was fooling around, enjoying myself by running through the bedroom. All of a sudden I found something really interesing underneath the bed. Something potent
ially YUM! I don't quite understand what happened (since I'm usually such a sensible kitty) but 'it' somehow got into my soft Meezer belly. It was AWFUL! I started to panic and began to Meow REALLY loudly. I kinda sounded like a poor distressed kitty and mom immediately came running into the bedroom, calling for me. Underneath the bed I came crawling, my mouth full of foam.
Mom freaked out; panicked! Running around the room crying, asking me what happened. Silly kitty as I am I couldn't answer her questioning. And I didn't have time to worry about that, because I felt I could potentially be the sickiest kitty to ever walk this earth. I was sooo nauseous. Mom was running around and I was following her. I think she was looking for the things I might've eaten. Of course she couldn't find it, since she doesn't fit underneath the bed (although she is working out ^0^)
I followed her downstairs and layed down on the sofa. Then mom panicked even more because I was breathing heavely and I was panting. I wish I could tell you how MISERABLY I felt!
After a while a friend of my mom entered the house. I was too sick too wonder and I saw my mom getting sicker and sicker by the minute, until she finally hit the floor. So now there were the two of us to worry about!
The friend put me i
n a crate that is very familiar to me. And as expected I didn't go in voluntarily. =D OH NO I thought. We're going to see that horrible kittydoctor again. NOES DO NOT WANT! defenitely NOT. It turned out to be even worse than the last couple of times. They pinched my tummy and gave me uhh 1...2...3! horrendous shots! The last one was so horrible it sent me straight into my crate again. Why are they using those torture devices when they try to make me better??
On our way back home
I got terribly naueous again. The friend called mom and asked her what to do. Ofcourse mom gave her some epic advice, because my mom knows exactly what I need. To be with her until I get better. And that exactly what happened when we returned home. Mom got also very ill ( I think she tried to take the illness away from me =D ) and was laying on the sofa covered in a soft and warm blanket. The friend was so kindly to put me on top of mom, so we could support each other; the sickly duo.
Mom was sick for a few more days, but I got better really soon. According to my sister this is because, we kitties, are superior to the human kind. I thin
k she has a point there....

Kind Regards,

The everlasting purring kitty Pitts

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Smugly Kitten

(Poppy says:)

Here I am again and don't you sigh, because I know you all love me! I just had to let you know that recently, just now, I found out how obnoxious I actually am. *smirk* You all know that my days consists of irritating mom. After she gets angry with me I always cuddle up to her, to show her how extra sweet I can be. But I never noticed how extremely cruel I am to my poor sister. *bigger smirk* I push her off the best spots, I attack her from behind, I steal her away from mom and I don't want her to have fun. When she's playing on her own with one of the toys, I go into Stealth-mode, teehee and then...a huge leap into the air. RIGHT on top of her! You should see her in shock! It's hilarious! Afterwards of course, mom is angry with me and I look at her with my precious blue eyes and she forgives me IMMEDIATELY. See, who's your sensei now?! Learn from the wise and clever kitty!
If you insist in wanting to know what I did today. NOTHING. Like cat's life should be *biggest smirk* I can't remember but I probably stole my sister's favourite spot a few times. Big deal. Her favourite, actually, is on top of a phone book that lays on the heating. Hotness Galore!! So, I decided this spot belongs to meee. As for all your base--> belongs to me as well. Yes, I like to dwell on the internet as well >:/ Who's says kittens can't? Maybe your stupid cat can't, but I DO!
(Right now I'm staring at mom, like I did last night, gnagnagna)

<-- Look at me being in über Stealth-mode \^>^/ If I could do an emoticon that expresses my über-ness, I definitely would...

Oh yes, my day...I gues
s being naughty and doing all kinds of things I'm not allowed to do should be included. I do have a new hobby, though. It's kinda a new way to act out my stealth moves. I create caves and tunnels in my mom's bedsheets. I keep as quiet as I can so no one will notice me and it WORKS!
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