Meet my two traditional Siamese cats!
Pitts the dark seal point and Poppy the lighter
Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
I hope you enjoy this page and will leave me some
nice comments, and hopefully meet some more
people with these extraordinary "cats"!!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Summer! Not so much my favourite season; but the girls just love to chase the flies! I guess the livingroom isn't big enough for the four (my housemate's cats also) cats flying through the room. the poor curtains are being mutilated as well ^0^
When no flies are around, they do have troubles with the warm weater. Pitts, for instance, doesn't want to be cuddled right now, and just spends her day laying on the cool floor and chasing flies.
I just hope that it'll cool down in a few days.
I just went back into the kitchen en Pitts was purring really loud again, and licking me. So maybe she's slowly adjusting!
I thought it was time for some baby photos ^0^
One of the Sealpoint babies

The girls (probably) and a brother choc. point and their fav. uncle Goof, a gorgeous and huge blue point. We were planning on kidnapping him as well, but he was rather large, so it would be impossible to snug him out unseen, haha

the babies and their mom Kaatje. She has been spayed shortly after. well, maybe a few months after the babies left, because there was a war going on there.

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