Meet my two traditional Siamese cats!
Pitts the dark seal point and Poppy the lighter
Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
I hope you enjoy this page and will leave me some
nice comments, and hopefully meet some more
people with these extraordinary "cats"!!

PS: A lot of the photos are clickable!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

(Poppy Says) Everyone knows I can be a pain in the ass. it has been cold for quite some time now, and in the Netherlands it sometimes snows. I actually never knew, as I never been outside with true snow.

As always I was whining in front of the door. Wanting to feel the cold wind in my tiny black catnose, maybe even escape again into the neighbours garten (mom already getting a heartattack just thinking about it).

Well, eventually I always get what I want, and mom put on our harnesses. Suddenly I got a bit nervous and decided to stay on the window-sill, my (normally carefull) sister, however, already ran outside. Something seemed to be quite strange outside. I was picked up and put outside, right in front of the door.

I did not like at all what I felt the moment my delicate catfeet touched the ground!
Cold and wet white stuff. Leaving my footprints all over the garden. At first i didn't want to move at all, but strangely enough, my sister was all over the place! Investigating every inch of the white powder. Her bright pink harness really stood out in the snow! And because of her thick wintercoat, she wasn't shivering as much as I did.
She played with the snow, put her nose right into it and chewed on the frozen grass. On the other side of the garden was, still didn't move but a few
inches, shaking and desperately wanting to go back inside. Also, a lot more photos of my
sister were made during this exciting trip.
Or better said: More photo's that were useful. I just felt awfully sorry for myself and didn't want to end up on photo that made me look like a fool.

Although I must admit I look quite good on snow, if you're not paying attention to my face. My coat is as white as snow, and my sister suddenly seemed really dark.

We actually were lucky to be outside that day, because the next day all snow was gone (not that I would mind). But for me, because it seems she desperately wanted some snow-actions photos of us *tsss*
I wouldn't be me, if something funny would happen. As you know, I'm the one always getting in trouble. This time, it was just a silly act, actually. Jumping right into a bunch of frozen, snowcoverd leaves. Pretty brave for a snowhating kitty like me, huh?
Half of my body disappeared into the leaves, getting myself in a weird position. Even getting some white powder on my nose!
It took a while, and several shots ofcourse >_>,
before I could find my way out. It was really cold you know! I have delicate pink and soft catfeet. Oh I already told you, didn't I?
Then after a few minutes sister Pitts decided she had enough of this and started walking back. I finally managed to catch up on her, leaving me at the other end of the garden...again! Life is hard on me! Why won't anyone believe me?When I my sister already was back inside, stubborn me, all of a sudden decided to investigate the neighbours snowcovered pot plants, hahaha. That's me, always in for suprises! Mom didn't like it, though, and pulled me back inside. Warm and cosy inside. Will take a while again for me wanting to go outside. I learned my lesson!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

winterly cold

(poppy says:)

Temperatures are getting low and Mom sitting here on couch, ill. For the last couple of days she wasn't feeling too well. actually the last couple of weeks. Her health is going up and down >_>.

That means She did have enough time for us girls. Not much action, though, in the girls departement. sometimes it seems that my sister Pitts started to hybernate ^0^. I'm on the otherhand are a lot more active. meowing all day, walking all over mom. Because of her sickness suddenly she discovered her bright pink fluffy bathrobe again, and of course we're loving it. Biting and pulling it is totally fun, but after a hard day of work it's also nice to cuddle into the fluffness. I wouldn't be me if I didn't do it in some strange ways. laying down upside down, or the second option: one half on the window-sill, the other on the bathrobe.
Very very comfy (and right in front of the tv), until a strange cameralens popped in front of my face again, always there to bug me.
I still have the urge, though, to be outside. it just might be my strange cat-nature, because I hate the Dutch weather...and if only mom wouldn't be sick and lazy all the time. Who spends all their time on a study if I'm around? Come on! Look at me! 827*&56@$%5^!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I discovered something new again! Everyday is an adventure with my girls. (anfd some new photos)

After ben&jerry's vanilla and yoghurt, cheese is the new favourite.

As a dutch woman we sometimes have bread+cheese for breakfast. After tasting it a few times, they know the smell from far and pop their little faces in front of me. Pitts always uses a darkchocolate coloured paw to reach for all the things the wants!

Poppy is not so much a paw-reaching kitty, she just whines when she wants something. I actually made a recording of it the other day. Mornings, in the bathroom, because she whines a lot then. Never sure what she wants, though! The other day, I felt a couple of Poppy nails, sinking into my left leg. I looked at her, asking what she was planning to do, she gave me a long comment and left for a couple of moments, then jumped on the toilet, after which she tried to jumped onto my shoulder. Of course things did not turn out the way she had planned. When I popped her onto my left shoulder she was completely happy again, pushing her face again the mirror ^^

Monday, November 9, 2009

Poor me

I had to live without internet for a couple months!
I missed a lot, even a lot of emails i got from school.

The girls are doing great! The temperature is going down fast and the girls
love to cuddle up to anything warm. I even put their babycushion on top of my
leopardgecko tank, because a lot of warmth comes off there.
Due the bad light in my new home and a busy study I havent taken any new photo's yet.

Unfortunately I have to study tonight, so updates and stories coming soon!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Why do I own the strangest cats in the world? Seriously, they come up with the weirdest things every week. In a few years, I'll be able to write a book about their lives.
In september my school starts, so the girls will be alone (well, they have eachother) for a much longer time than they are used to. They already start crying when I'm outdoors for 5 minutes. It impossible to take the trash out, due Pitts' crying. But I'm sure they'll enjoy themselves, once they get used to the routine. And having a sister to cuddle makes it al so much easier.
Yesterday I saw Poppy copying famous Pitts behaviour. She walked down the stairs with one of my selfmade toys, meowing continuously. But hers sounds a bit differently, that's why I even noticed it. It also sounded not so confident, as it was her first time. I jumped from my seat, and ran to her enthusiastically, but she dropped it before i could reach her. well, maybe she'll do it again next time.
Pitts also came up with something new, and she doing so every night now. It all begins with, me lying in bed :) My head on two pillows, the one laying on top of the other. Then I have two more pillows, both next to eachother, preventing my sleeping pillows from falling in the gap between the bed and the wall. Whatever she does, she does later at night, when I'm all woozy and not even noticing what she doing. She lays down with my on the pillow, but strangely enough she's not laying next to me, but on top of my head >_>. Like a russian fur cap. Her legs curled up, or hanging down next to each side of my head ^^. In the morning when i wake up, she's still there, though she slided down a bit, what ended in my head resting on her body. So basically, she's my third pillow. And when I look up to my left, I can see her little face sleeping very closely to me. Strangely her face is always on my left.
Their unconditional love and trust in me still amazes me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a new start

hello there!

It's been a while since i posted my last entry. Been busy with quite a lot of things; school, moving out and having no internet. Especially having no internet is a true pain the ass for me, as I'm used to spending quite a lot of my time behind my notebook.

But yes, you heard well. The girls and me moved to another home. seven whole km from the old spot, but one hell of an improvement.

Pitts is feeling really great again, spending a lot of time being around me, bringing me stuff. But also they have the whole house for themselves now. A whole new world has opened up for them, and they truly love it. Like spending hours sleeping on my bed, and sometimes mom just laying next to them. Especially Pitts loves that; so once every hour or so, I get a little soft paw into my neck or face, saying: hi mom, I'm still here.

My little house has two floors: livingroom, working space and kitchen being on the groundfloor, and bathroom and bedroom on the first. all of her toys mysteriously move to the first floor at night, haha, and in the morning all of the return downstairs again. Still, Pitts has her favourite toys. Her little pink babysock named Onno, is her definite number one. At this moment it's lying just in front of me. Since two days she has her refound second favourite; an elastic string used to make clothing stretchy. That one is laying next to Onno right now! \^0^/
And last night she brought me (very loudly) a new toy: one of my sneaker socks haha.

But third is Poppy's favourite mouse. Poppy plays with it for hours and hours, until just an eye is left. (it's made out of wool, so slowy they fall apart. me finding fibers everywhere)

Poppy still a bit of a bitch in the beginning, but after a week that was completely gone! Really surpirised, because Poppy can be in a bad mood for quite a while.

She is really eager to go out lately. I've been training them a bit more to walk on a leash. Poppy simply LOVES it. walking around in circles around the garden for hours, catching flies, trying to run away haha (my mom accidently let go of the leash. poppy racing off, luckily her leash got tangled in the bushes).

Pitts is always a lot more careful, but she's a smart cat. After the firsth time she still was a bit timid in the beginning. I had to drag her onto the grass. Suddenly she realised she had been there before, and started exploring immediately. She even chased flies. Running around, she caught up with Poppy, who already walked around the entire garden.

Poppy is really thickheaded, though. At night, before I go to bed, I close the sunblinds entirely (the rest of the they they're open at cat level), so that nobody can peak in at the moment when I'm walking around with a huge sleepy head.

So, this morning the where closed, and Poppy simply wanted to have a look outside. Being a cat, and not being able to have her dailey house routine, made her evil, and she pushed her head through the blinds, knocking down 2 of my 3 (already delicate) orchids. They have a history with cats, and just have started getting leafs and buds again.

Afterwards she came looking for me, like nothing had happen, and when you look at that funny little face, staying mad is simply impossible.

Monday, July 6, 2009

no ordinary cats

a few weeks ago I bought a issue of a new cat magazine, starring the modern siamese. there were also a few other articles about cats, and when reading them i noticed that my thai siamese were nothing like "normal cats". Just how they bescriped it. How they love to be in their favourite places by the window. it was about how much cats get attached to their owner, and they wrote that cats just as much (or even more) get attached to their home and their comfy warm and familiar places in the house, for example: the places by the window or on top of a shelf.
So moving them to another place for holiday, would highly disturb a lot of cats, because they would loose their spots.
My cats' favourite place is with me. They sleep in my bed, but only when i'm in there, not by they're own. I would be in the livingroom and would never be far away from me, only for about 10 minutes; then they'll start "meowing", looking for me.
Normally it is said that siamese pack together by their owner, but somehow mine are so jealous, that don't want to share me. Poppy can be a real bitch, when Pitts tries to come and cuddle up with me.
For a few weeks in a row now, I'm taking the girls with me to my parents' house, an hour journey with the train. The first few days they were just slowly adjusting, but were doing much better than expected. Now this would be the third time, and they're having a blast already. My parents' house is fairly large, more like a mansion, with a lot of rooms; but they girls never leave my sight. Often Pitts starts calling out for me, because she lost me again. And then I start calling:"yeah Pitts, what's up?" she answers, and comes running really quickly.
So my opinion on this, with siamese experience, is that, like dogs, they can feel anywhere at home, as long as their owner is with them. isn't that grand??

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new photos (poppy)

bad mom! I Almost forgot the new photos of my little diva Poppy. ( you can click the two photos with the green background for the larger image. why that suddenly happened. i have no idea)


Summer! Not so much my favourite season; but the girls just love to chase the flies! I guess the livingroom isn't big enough for the four (my housemate's cats also) cats flying through the room. the poor curtains are being mutilated as well ^0^
When no flies are around, they do have troubles with the warm weater. Pitts, for instance, doesn't want to be cuddled right now, and just spends her day laying on the cool floor and chasing flies.
I just hope that it'll cool down in a few days.
I just went back into the kitchen en Pitts was purring really loud again, and licking me. So maybe she's slowly adjusting!
I thought it was time for some baby photos ^0^
One of the Sealpoint babies

The girls (probably) and a brother choc. point and their fav. uncle Goof, a gorgeous and huge blue point. We were planning on kidnapping him as well, but he was rather large, so it would be impossible to snug him out unseen, haha

the babies and their mom Kaatje. She has been spayed shortly after. well, maybe a few months after the babies left, because there was a war going on there.

Monday, June 29, 2009

new photos

Some new photos of my lovely Pitts! and she's great at pulling off weird faces! the offical proof! (most of 'em are clickable)

The last two photos are the last new ones made of Pitts! isn't she just amazing? i love the lighting and the pose. I think I'm going to print these on canvas

welcome welcome!

This page is about my two beautiful traditonal siamese girls Pitts and Poppy. I hope to update it as often as possible, so you can have a glimpse in their life.
They're fun, adorable, energetic and two little mommy's girls.

lemme introduce them:
Pitts (seal point) en Poppy (chocolate point).
Unfortunately it's not possible to post some pics now, because the site is acting kinda strange.

Pitts is real cuddly cat. always up for a big smooch. everywhere mom goes, Pitts is never far behind. crying at the door, when i go to the bathroom. sleeping next to me when we go to bed. And she loves to lick and give kisses.

Her favourite toy is a pink babysock named Onno. A loud meowing is heard when she's strolling around with Onno. And every few minutes she comes running really quickly to show me her Onno. That often means that I have to throw it away. she then runs quickly back and forth to return to me. And not just once or twice. she's like a labrador retriever! but of course a lot cuter and softer. (siamese have the softest fur)

Poppy is a little different. She is my talkative diva. She'll walk around or just sit down to talk to you, whenever she wants something. most of the time it means she wants some attention, or that I have to open the door for her.
In the morning she often needs her rest and is not so up for a cuddle, but when she's really awake, she loves to curl up on your lap, purring real-ly loud ^0^. and it's unbelievable how jealous she can be. Pitts should not dare trying to lay next to her on my lap. NOT acceptable.

But normally they get along really well. what can you expect? two cute little sisters, coming from a breeder who gave them the best start in life. They came all the way from Amsterdam; and i had to wait a really long time to get them, because for traditional siamese there's a waiting list.
But it has been definitely worth it!!

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