Meet my two traditional Siamese cats!
Pitts the dark seal point and Poppy the lighter
Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
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nice comments, and hopefully meet some more
people with these extraordinary "cats"!!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I never thought something like this would happen to me; but never underestimate the nature of male bunnies haha Benjamin forced his way out of his play pen to get to Bella, and you can imagine what happened next. I wasn't to happy at first, but then the baby fever got to me!
Last Sunday Bella gave birth to six babies! Not until a few days before Bella went into labour, could I tell that she was pregnant. I could tell that her nipples were a bit swollen. That particular Sunday morning I wasn't even at home, but getting my new rattie cage that I bought on the internet. When I returned I could see that she plucked out all of her fur, and I thought to myself that she was already getting herself prepared. But then, to my horror, I recognised the outlines of baby bunnies! Then another shock came as I didn't see any movements. I didn't want to touch the babies so I just stood there watching until they moved...and fortunately they did!   Unfortunately one baby died after just two or three days

Below are some photos of the second day

This is the litter on the second day!

 Click "read more" for more photos!

One of the two dark babies
notice Poppy's nose hihi

so tiny!

oh hello!
A tumbling baby and Poppy's nose!


the entire crew!

naked piglets

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