Meet my two traditional Siamese cats!
Pitts the dark seal point and Poppy the lighter
Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
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nice comments, and hopefully meet some more
people with these extraordinary "cats"!!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sometimes it's hard to even keep your eyes open

Dear followers! My apologies, my laziness took over :P However, I have not shied away from taking photos of my beautiful girls, so in the near future you're in for a treat!

My girls spend their days being as lazy as I am. Enjoying every shy ray of sun peeking through one of my large windows. Depending on what time it is, the sun chooses the windows carefully. Relaxing on my bed, or on the sofa is what they love to do. Anywhere, as long as I am around. I also set up their not-so-new play house. I bought it when I was still living with my room mate and there was plenty of room to set it up somewhere, but after I moved to another, smaller, apartment, I tucked it away in some dark corner, and I almost forgot about it. A shame really, since the girls love it so much. Due to all the playing it has lost a lot of its former glory; the roof collapsing every now and then, but I still consider it cute. The play house has become a secret hide-away for Poppy's mousies, which is absolutely adorable! Every time I lift the roof a bit and peek, I can see a wide variety of toys, different each time.
And all that playing and tumbling can tire a little cat. When mousies become blurry and soft cat paws begin to drag, head begin to drop, a kitty knows it's important to find a soft and quiet place to take a nap. Even though my cats are usually all over the place, throwing toys into the air like a professional tennis player, they are notorious for their amount of naps. One cannot blame them, as they completely take after their mother  


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