Meet my two traditional Siamese cats!
Pitts the dark seal point and Poppy the lighter
Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

no ordinary cats

a few weeks ago I bought a issue of a new cat magazine, starring the modern siamese. there were also a few other articles about cats, and when reading them i noticed that my thai siamese were nothing like "normal cats". Just how they bescriped it. How they love to be in their favourite places by the window. it was about how much cats get attached to their owner, and they wrote that cats just as much (or even more) get attached to their home and their comfy warm and familiar places in the house, for example: the places by the window or on top of a shelf.
So moving them to another place for holiday, would highly disturb a lot of cats, because they would loose their spots.
My cats' favourite place is with me. They sleep in my bed, but only when i'm in there, not by they're own. I would be in the livingroom and would never be far away from me, only for about 10 minutes; then they'll start "meowing", looking for me.
Normally it is said that siamese pack together by their owner, but somehow mine are so jealous, that don't want to share me. Poppy can be a real bitch, when Pitts tries to come and cuddle up with me.
For a few weeks in a row now, I'm taking the girls with me to my parents' house, an hour journey with the train. The first few days they were just slowly adjusting, but were doing much better than expected. Now this would be the third time, and they're having a blast already. My parents' house is fairly large, more like a mansion, with a lot of rooms; but they girls never leave my sight. Often Pitts starts calling out for me, because she lost me again. And then I start calling:"yeah Pitts, what's up?" she answers, and comes running really quickly.
So my opinion on this, with siamese experience, is that, like dogs, they can feel anywhere at home, as long as their owner is with them. isn't that grand??

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