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Monday, December 28, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

(Poppy Says) Everyone knows I can be a pain in the ass. it has been cold for quite some time now, and in the Netherlands it sometimes snows. I actually never knew, as I never been outside with true snow.

As always I was whining in front of the door. Wanting to feel the cold wind in my tiny black catnose, maybe even escape again into the neighbours garten (mom already getting a heartattack just thinking about it).

Well, eventually I always get what I want, and mom put on our harnesses. Suddenly I got a bit nervous and decided to stay on the window-sill, my (normally carefull) sister, however, already ran outside. Something seemed to be quite strange outside. I was picked up and put outside, right in front of the door.

I did not like at all what I felt the moment my delicate catfeet touched the ground!
Cold and wet white stuff. Leaving my footprints all over the garden. At first i didn't want to move at all, but strangely enough, my sister was all over the place! Investigating every inch of the white powder. Her bright pink harness really stood out in the snow! And because of her thick wintercoat, she wasn't shivering as much as I did.
She played with the snow, put her nose right into it and chewed on the frozen grass. On the other side of the garden was, still didn't move but a few
inches, shaking and desperately wanting to go back inside. Also, a lot more photos of my
sister were made during this exciting trip.
Or better said: More photo's that were useful. I just felt awfully sorry for myself and didn't want to end up on photo that made me look like a fool.

Although I must admit I look quite good on snow, if you're not paying attention to my face. My coat is as white as snow, and my sister suddenly seemed really dark.

We actually were lucky to be outside that day, because the next day all snow was gone (not that I would mind). But for me, because it seems she desperately wanted some snow-actions photos of us *tsss*
I wouldn't be me, if something funny would happen. As you know, I'm the one always getting in trouble. This time, it was just a silly act, actually. Jumping right into a bunch of frozen, snowcoverd leaves. Pretty brave for a snowhating kitty like me, huh?
Half of my body disappeared into the leaves, getting myself in a weird position. Even getting some white powder on my nose!
It took a while, and several shots ofcourse >_>,
before I could find my way out. It was really cold you know! I have delicate pink and soft catfeet. Oh I already told you, didn't I?
Then after a few minutes sister Pitts decided she had enough of this and started walking back. I finally managed to catch up on her, leaving me at the other end of the garden...again! Life is hard on me! Why won't anyone believe me?When I my sister already was back inside, stubborn me, all of a sudden decided to investigate the neighbours snowcovered pot plants, hahaha. That's me, always in for suprises! Mom didn't like it, though, and pulled me back inside. Warm and cosy inside. Will take a while again for me wanting to go outside. I learned my lesson!

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