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Thursday, December 10, 2009

winterly cold

(poppy says:)

Temperatures are getting low and Mom sitting here on couch, ill. For the last couple of days she wasn't feeling too well. actually the last couple of weeks. Her health is going up and down >_>.

That means She did have enough time for us girls. Not much action, though, in the girls departement. sometimes it seems that my sister Pitts started to hybernate ^0^. I'm on the otherhand are a lot more active. meowing all day, walking all over mom. Because of her sickness suddenly she discovered her bright pink fluffy bathrobe again, and of course we're loving it. Biting and pulling it is totally fun, but after a hard day of work it's also nice to cuddle into the fluffness. I wouldn't be me if I didn't do it in some strange ways. laying down upside down, or the second option: one half on the window-sill, the other on the bathrobe.
Very very comfy (and right in front of the tv), until a strange cameralens popped in front of my face again, always there to bug me.
I still have the urge, though, to be outside. it just might be my strange cat-nature, because I hate the Dutch weather...and if only mom wouldn't be sick and lazy all the time. Who spends all their time on a study if I'm around? Come on! Look at me! 827*&56@$%5^!!

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