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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A new resident!

(Pitts says:)

Mum brought the strangest thing into our home! Last wednesday I layed my eyes on some kind of a strange hopping creature. Very furry, long ears. And it doesn't MEOW. As I recall correctly his name was Benjamin (Bunny).
The first day he was in his cage to get used to his environment. The PERFECT opportunity for me and my sister to stick our noses
in the cage. It's an outdoor cage so it's a little bit more difficult to spot the little fuzzy. We want to know EVERYTHING (since it's our house, says my sister). We spent HOURS in front, on top and underneath the cage to check out if this fuzzy is indeed a DANGEROUS FUZZY! We can't seem to rely on mom for that, because she'll take home anything!
On the second day, we founf the fuzzy all of a sudden on our sofa! I came to the conclusion that is was a Mission Imposs
bile fuzzy and used it SPYING SKILLS to escape from its cage 0_0.
Even worse: it stole our kitty basket! Look at it -->
It hopped around the cage and the basket as if it was his! From that moment on I came to the conclusion that I don't like strange fuzzies. Of course I didn't tell mom because I didn't want to offend her and she seems to like the fuzzy. I'm a good kitty and I don't do bad things ^_^.
My sister, however, is soo brave. Sometimes I want to be just like her! At first she circled round the fuzzy like a shark. I did the same thing, touching it with my soft kitty paw, sniffing at it. It smells like strange fuzzies and dried grass. After a while my sister was feeling quite comfortable being with the fuzzy together on the sofa. Even when it was hopping around, sniffing my sister. It never seemed to be scared of us kitties. Even though we're far more powerful, and way smarter!

Soon my sister and the fuzzy were in the same kitty basket 0_0 I couldn't believe my kitty eyes! I was pretty jealous, though. I moved from spot to spot all around the house to find a nice comfortable place to get my beauty sleep, but I wanted to cuddle with mum and Poppy in the kitty basket T__T Why were they being so mean, to a scared little kitty like me?
Then I took the plunge and tried to lay at the far end of the basket. And everytime the fuzzy moved (and it does a lot of moving) I leaped into the air and fled. Then I thought to myself: why am I being so jumpy about the fuzzy. Obviously it doesn't mean to do any harm, as it is laying next to my sister. And its so small and vulnerable! I should give it a go! And I did! And I'm proud of myself and I'm sure mum is as well! ^_^

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