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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Comfort Kitties - Miss Peach tribute

Yesterday evening mom was for some reason very very unhappy. She was spending her evening like allways; sitting in front of her big black foldable thingyme with a screen, when suddenly she started to shed water from her face. I naturally felt that I had to give her cuddles and she gave them to me as well. She kept saying how much she loves me and all these kind flattering things we kitties really love, while burrying her wet face into my soft comforting kitty fur. Then I found out why mommy was so sad and it made us very sad as well T___T 
The reason is this kitty blog miss peachs meowz. It's about an orange and eldery Devon rex lady. You follow her in her battle against her illness and finally you witness her succumbing to that disease. Mom lost all of her water seeing how at the end she was nothing more than a sack of kitty bones and also reading how Miss Peach's mommy curled up in the kitty blanket still being able to hear her little kitty princess purrr. T___T And then she told me that she won't survive if we would get our wings to fly to kitty heaven and I told mommy that we were still very young and that we will stay with mom until forever and forever

So this post is a tribute to Miss Peach, although her mom will probably never read it; but it feels like a duty or obligation to support all kitties around the globe and their moms and dads!  

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