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Monday, October 31, 2011

Freezing kitties - reasons why us like home

The leaves is falling, and the temperatures is dropping; being a kitty is tough!  I can feels the icyfication of my ears and kitty paws and I is not liking eet! My lushious furry self and my sister is not very helping, so what can a kitty do to survive the winter? We usually find mum very warming, but she moves too much, so we cannot sleep very good when she does this. Fortuantelli I've find a solution to this winter problem! Along the walls of our house is these very strange white rectangular 'things' that give us kitties warmth. It is designed especially for kitties to put our heads and paws in it, because it's hollow on the inside. I know this sounds strange! So aftuh reading this you have to check whether your mom or dad owns a thing like this. It only works during winter times, so you has to take advantage of it while you's can!
You see! I is a real acrobat! Balancing on some printing paper so my footies doesn't get too hot. Mom also says that you musn't pay attention to the photos because her programme died, or something like that. So no pretty pinky photos!

I is a tough kitty! I doesn't mind sticking my fluffy kitty head into hot hollow things. I cab think better when my
head is boiling.

See, this is one reason why us like our home, so we can be comfortable evry day!

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