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Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flash that sexy belly!


Please don't see me as an ungrateful kitty because I is not! I is reelly a vewy sweet-natured little white polar bear kitty (because I is all cute and fluffy and white as a polar bear, but not as vicious) and I reely enjoys the littel things in life! I reely reely love my kitty food and mommy is the bestest! I love her lots and she is my ultimate number 1! *food being a mega number 2* slapping my sister with a paw on her head and sleeping would be a number 3, me thinks! :o

My sister tolds me that lots of kitties don't like showing their pritty bellies because it makes them feel vulnerable; but I do! I show it whenever I can *but it's sometimes hard with that squishy chubby belly of mine* Mommy is always laughing at me when I is turning into all kinds of strange positions to get her attention *and it works!* getting my chubby belly scratched is awesome! Then I'm the loudest purrrring kitty alive!

I think this picture makes me look fat! Do not like :c but mommy says I look very cute in it true??? :$ I do think my pawsies look cute! mommy says I don't want to get any chubbier, otherwise I won't fit on her lap anymore :c So now I'm on a new diet, because not being able to cuddle with mommy. me and my sister now each get our own plate with kitty scrunchies. Also because my sister is getting thinner and thinner, so mommy thinks I'm stealing her food. But I cant help it; my tummy is always rumbling!

 More photos of me!

A close-up of the weird faces I is doing

I do a lot of napping on mommy's lap as well :D

Mèèèhh, just waking up

some happy tootsies! <3

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