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Saturday, November 5, 2011

We just dusn't like that - we luv mummy

Last night me weally was in a shock! I have calmed down by now, though. *shivers* Yesterday started so nice and mom was home all the time (we like that). Can't really remember all the things me and my sister did. I was probably being cute 'n lovable. Surching for some warm places to sleep, filling my tummy wif lovable thingies and intimidate birdies outside to make sure they don't do stupid things to my mummy. Then late at nite, mummy went to go under the water closet for a long, because she did needed to care for the fur on her head. After she was done, she looked a littel wobbly. I came to see what she was doing and I tried to tell her to take a look in the long-tailed fuzzies' cage, when I started to feel wobbly meself! Mummy went to the fuzzies' cage and said something, took the fuzzies out and placed them on mummy's sleeping basket. Then she fell on her sleeping basket, breathing heavily. By that time I was getting wobblier by the minute and I started to call out to mummy. "Wauw, Wauw.....Waaaauuwww!!!" I said. And mommy replied," Pittsie!!!!" She tried to look for me unner the sleeping basket, but I din't wanted to be found, I wanted mummy to sleep and get bettuh!

Then mummy felt asleep and the fuzzies started to wiggle around. Good for them that they wurun't that sick! I looked after the fuzzies all night, to make sure they wouldn't loose their fuzzies' tail (it might break, cus it is so hairless). Mummy got woken up evry now and then and I'm sure she was vewy scared for me being sick and all. Fortunately I got better and better and better, but i din't like it one bit that mummy was still being so sick. Evry now and then she would make a horrible sound and loose something that she had in her tummy; and it fell into a plastic thingyme. Mummy kept doing that for 727281919 times and me got scared! I din't know why she was loosing her inside stuff, as she din't eat any grass! She must be really sick! I wanted to cuddle wif her, but I was too scared My lazy sister was sleeping downstairs all the time, and left me wif all the wurrying.

Not until vewy late the next day, did she get any better... By that times my sister was awake and cuddling wif mum and I was not sick anymore! It took me a littel longer to start cuddling again wif mummy. I was shocked when I saw her flushing her inside stuff through her litterbox! But then evrything was OK and I cuddled wif mum for like 7271817 hours! (that's really a lot!)

Mummy's mummy said I got sick because my mummy got sick and I luv her lots

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