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Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Explosion Kitty on a diet

I'm sure none of you missed it; Christmas happened. Again. I have never been a fan of Christmas . It's supposed to be fun, with good food and spending time with your family. In reality there is a constant tension, you have to cook your own food (like you always do) and it doesn't taste any better than normal either, and it's just a total bore. A more troublesome aspect of the whole thing: I don't get to spend any time with the girls. I miss them terribly after two days. Plus I had a tough decision to make; either I take the girls with me and they get to spend the two days in an awfully cold, strange house without any attention (my parents have two non-cat friendly dogs), or I leave them at home, where they feel comfortable and without any attention. I chose the second option. It's usually no problem whatsoever to leave them at home for two days (kitties are awesome like that) but since Poppy is on a diet, they are being restricted on their kitty food. Poppy is having a really really REALLY hard time, and I thought she would have, because even as a kitten eating only two portions a day wasn't really her thing. She lost so much weight that eventually we stopped giving them their food twice a day and returned to leaving the food bowl filled during the day. So I knew this diet would work. She did lose some pounds and she seems more healthy and bendy now, capable of cleaning herself properly again. But the following problem arose; because I wasn't there to feed them twice a day, I had to give them a whole bowl of food in advance. Poppy gets 10 gram in the morning and 10 in the evening. Pitts gets 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening. So that's a 20+30= 50 grams of food a day (25 morning and 25 evening) (awww they're so tiny! They don't even always finish all of their food!! ) I gave them a whopping 150 grams (to be sure) and it was supposed to last for 4 feedings. FOUR! However, I returned on Monday night before the fourth time. When I came home....they had eaten it ALL!!! So instead of 75 grams...they ate 150!!! I wondered if Poppy (I'm sure she was that little food binger ) wouldn't burst...but as of today she hasn't...Moreover, when I got home, she acted as if she starving!! I grabbed their treats to show my sisters all the awesome tricks they have learned, and Poppy went frantic. Circling, twirling, crying and standing on two legs! I reckon the time that Poppy will take off like a balloon will still come! And now mummy has to do some electronic food dispender shopping :r

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