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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Haiwwy-Faced Human Meat Suits

Hello human peoples!

tt's bin a while thince my thithter and I roamed around this blog! Somehow mummy seemed to be really really REALLY busy! She still loves uth very much. The last few monfs haven't been purfect for uth, as there were some thtuffs that upset uth greatly. I won't tell youse guys 'bout that now because this is going to be a fun scribbly!

I found this cold and thnowy monf alwayth a bit weird! These human meat suits suddenly thtart to make fire in the houthe, collect all thorts of blankies (which we don't mind), and they bring dying green trees into the houth! Me and my thither are baffled by this kind of behaviour! But my mummy, being from the low countrieths, hath another weird fing! Somefing about gunny bags, prethenths, and a hairy-fathed old human-dude! My mummy leaveths the houthe and then returnths wif fings she bought! She then wrapths stuff in colourful paper! amathing!

It wouldn't be uth if we did not bring thome Meezer input into this! Mummy always giggleths when we do cwazy Meezer stuffs (exthept when she's in a huwwy!), and we vewwy much enjoy being naughty! :3

I luf to be in weird tight places! Ethpecially when it's this crinkly thtuff!

thowing my dangerouth tiger teef! RAWWRRR! Fear the Meezer!

Owh, it's just mummy's meat thausage :(

Funny faces! I can do those vewwy well!

What's thiiissss? I want it; it moooveeths!

Poking my little feetsie through the crinkly thtuff :D 

I catched it!

Check out my new hair extentionths. Don't they look fab?

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