Meet my two traditional Siamese cats!
Pitts the dark seal point and Poppy the lighter
Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
I hope you enjoy this page and will leave me some
nice comments, and hopefully meet some more
people with these extraordinary "cats"!!

PS: A lot of the photos are clickable!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Photo Friday: Gorgeous as Ever!

Behold fellow humans and witness the outstanding beauty that is called the Traditional Siamese! Poppy's profound beauty never ceases to amaze me, and I cherish every single moment I can stare at her, cuddle with her, and snuggle with her.

These photos were taken in my living room, in which, at this time of year, it's usually not this bright. I needed to brighten the photos (hence the grainy texture :( ), but it certainly doesn't do away with her stunning appearance!

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