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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday

We're warping back to the yeer 2010! When we was still wee little Meezers :3 We are just as naughty 'n silly now, so dat fing din't change! (But mummy says she wuldn't want it any other way) But some fings did change in 4 yeers. We still lived in dis dark, damp and small human cave. I weally liked the staircase and I'm sad that our new, yet larger and brighter, human cave doesn't have a staircase anymore. We spent many hours running up and down the stairs! We almost became lean and fit Meezies. At least we fought we was. Coloured sheets of paper from 4 years ago showed that I wasn't a lean and fit Meezy after all! Mummy used to call me 'rolpoes', which could be translated to other human languages as 'roll(ing) kitty', because, mummy said, I was so chubby she could roll me around the human cave! :( Although this Meezy loves her omnoms, being chubby is no fun! Humans began to poke my belly and tell me I should be made into a stew! I don't know what a stew is, but that doesn't sound very nice :( This shows the meanness of the big human flesh things! A kitty like myself should be cuddled and I need wet kissy things (and I need extra omnoms)!

^ This is me showing mummy how much I like my omnoms! My mummy even gave me a neckband with a tiny fake fishy on it to show everyone how much I like foodsies!

 ^ Look at my squishiness, but especially look at my prettiness! Mummy always says: body positivism. I'm not quite sure what that means, but I'm sure it refers to me and my lusciousness :) If people don't notice my pretty Meezerness I'll remind dem by crying reeeeaaalllyyyy loud!! :D 
Alsoo, dese coloured screen fingies of me are reaaally old, like almost exactly 4 yeers! Mummy ays today is the 20th of August 2014, and dese coloured fingies are from the 27th of August 2010. Dat means dat I was 2,5 in dese fingies! Mummy says time go to quickly. I don't know anyfing about that :(

^ Another fingie dat shows off my luscious curves! 

To keep fit I regularly smacked my sister! Instead of running off in fear, she gave me her fighting face! 

Below are some photo fingies of me and my sister being silly. Dese are also from 2010. Whenever I did somefing funny, my sister had to be a copy cat :( I don't like dat at all! I always and forever want to be de funniest catmedian! Tell me who's the funniest!? (it's me right???)

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