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Chocolate point.They have been the centre of
my life since they arrived 5th of may 2008.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey guys!

Don't fret, don't cry yourself to sleep at night, and certainly don't go raiding your granny's pantry for chocolate! I am alive, and so are my girls. I'm certainly not proud of my lack of activity, but what cha gonna do about it?

The last few months have been hectic, with personal ups and downs, but at the end of the day the girls were always there to comfort me. They're still the bestest kittiemitties in the whole wide world! After Poppy's outdoor adventure it took a while for her to be her normal self again. She was restless and strolling around the house as if she was guarding the territory borders. Pacing around in circles. On some days I had her put on a leash and harness because the pacing drove me crazy and because it helped her break the habit. Some weeks later she appeared to be doing fine, but every time someone visited my house (thus an intruder) she started to pace again. (Yes, I only have visitors every few weeks to months :P). I'm glad she my same ol' silly Poppiness again. She was being silly the other day, running around, growling, chasing ghosts (that's her idea of having a great time), before she decided to jump against my ear with her nails.. :') Oh wow wasn't that a lot of fun.

"Mummy, are you still angry with me??

This is how I found her after I yelled OUCH. They get so upset whenever I'm upset. Of course we had major cuddle sessions afterwards (even though my ear hurt like Satan's butt on fire..)

Pitts is her cute and gentle self as always. Not letting me make phone calls because she's crying like a terrorised baby in the background, dropping her toys everywhere, not letting mum sew because sitting on the fabric is so much more fun. I can't even go to the bathroom or run quickly to the basement or Ms Pitts will be crying painfully because she lost me somehow. I always have to yell my location to her :P I'll be shouting coordinates before I know it. Them silly cats. There's no breed like a Siamese. Leave it to them to bring colour into your life. Not a dull moment.

A new element in their lives: fresh meat. In Dutch we have several terms to describe the different methods of feeding raw besides the BARF method. I am now trying the grinded version based on the BARF method, called KVV, meaning Complete Fresh Food. (Kompleet Vers Voer). My girls wouldn't be my girls if they happily ate the first time and absolutely refused it the second time. I have ze proof of them eating it!

 (Don't stare at my wallpaper lol)

The other stuff on the plate was Almo Nature Legend, which I added to mix it with the KVV in the centre, but as you can see Pitts ate the KVV :) This, however, was the last time she decided to touch the darn meat. Silly cats be silly. I'm not giving up, though! Besides the chicken I also bought lamb and salmon. Persistence is the key to success and to all kitties eating the things you want them to eat because it's good for them and they're so spoilt they no longer know what's good for them, because they have lost their inner tiger, and because of this they no longer recognise proper food /rant

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